What's New

We are Expanding!

      If you have noticed a little bit of commotion in the store over the last month, it’s nothing to be concerned with. We have decided to enlarge the store by taking over the old ReMax space next door. We will be cutting two large openings in the wall to allow easy access from the current sales floor to the new. The addition will add approximately 4000 square feet to the store. We will be moving all of our walkers, wheelchairs, compression hosiery, lift chairs, diabetic footwear, surgical braces and bathroom aids to the new space, which we are calling Oswald’s Healthcare right now.

      We will be expanding our selection in all categories, adding new and innovative items to help anyone with mobility and health issues. We will double the amount of lift chair offerings and be adding a bathroom display center that will highlight the items that make bathing easier and safer. We will also be adding a stair lift display that will showcase the device and how it is installed. We hope to have the new space built out and ready for customers sometime in July.

      What are we going to do with the space that is currently being used for the health items now? We are going to expand the greeting card section, adding some new card lines. We will also be enlarging the gift and toy areas, spreading things out a little so it’s easier to shop. Some aisles will be changing too, so if you have trouble finding something let us know and we will be happy to show you around!


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