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75% Off All Remaining Christmas!!

Happy New Year to everyone! 2014 was certainly an interesting year and 2015 is shaping up to be even more interesting for our town. North Central college will be building a new dormitory and will break ground for it’s huge science center this year. The eyesore building that used to sit next to the Burger King in downtown was razed and will be the site of a park that will blend into the Riverwalk. It will include some signage for the college and a sculpture honoring athletics at NCC.

      This year the Water Street project will begin construction on what will certainly change the face of the South side of downtown. With a hotel, parking deck, restaurants, shops and additions to the Riverwalk it will be the largest single development downtown has ever seen. Let’s also hope that the state, county and city can also finish up the route 59 widening on time, if not early! The new “diverging diamond” interchange at the tollway should be pretty interesting.

      What could provide the biggest change this year is the upcoming municipal election. All eight City Council positions and the Mayor’s office will be elected on April 7th. Kudos to Mayor George Pradel who after 20 years at the helm of the city is not standing for re-election. It will seem weird not to have his enthusiastic presence as Mayor!

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