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We are Celebrating Our 140th Year!

      One hudred and forty years! That's how long we have been taking care of Naperville families. We are proud to have been able to grow with our hometown and continue to provide the first class service our customers have come to expect.

      We will be having special promotions and events throughout the year to help mark this wonderful occasion. In the Fall we will have a huge celebration at the pharmacy complete with storewide sales, prize drawings, health screenings, food, beverages, goodie bags and souvenirs!

      We will be advertising the specials in the Sun in emails and on our website. The best way not to miss out on anything coming up this year will be through our emails. If you are not already signed up on our email list, make sure to sign up today! You can do so in person at the store or on our website. Also like us on Facebook and Twitter. We may be 140 years old but we definitely keep up with the times!

      Another neat coincidence for 2015 is it represents the 100th year that the store has been named Oswald’s! In 1915 my great grandfather Louis Oswald purchased the store from my great-great grandfather W.W. Wickel and changed the name from Wickel’s Drugtore to Oswald’s Pharmacy.


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