What's New

October 2014

Wow, after another beautiful month of 2014 we are now officially into Autumn. Here’s hoping the rest of the year is as nice and we have a mild Winter on the way! The store is gearing up for the holiday season, with most of our gift items, puzzles and toys in and ready to go. Alecia, Ozzies merchandise buyer, has assembled what I think is by far our best selection of seasonal goods ever! Come in and check it out.

      We also have been busy re-designing our website. As the store has grown and changed over the last few years we have outgrown the old site that my son Mitch developed for us five years ago. The new site will be just as handy for prescription refills and information requests and also feature a better online catalog of our medical equipment section. Lookups, navigation, and featured items will also have a new and improved look and feel. We hope to have it finished and up late this month or early November.

      As part of the process we also had a Google photographer go through the store and create a self guided virtual 3-D tour! The tour is actually up on the web right now. If you Google Oswald’s Pharmacy, in the upper right corner of the search page you will see a box that will allow you to see pictures as well as see inside. Click on see inside and you will then be inside the store with the ability to go up and down the aisles with a click of your mouse.

      Pretty crazy how technology has advanced even over the ten years we have been in the Plaza!


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