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August 2014

      A health insurance plan here at the store just mailed out a letter saying that “You have an important decision to make”. The letter lists a medication an someone is on and says it is now part of the insurance companies “Mail Service Member Select Program” and can only be filled one more time at our pharmacy before you make that “important decision”. They then explain how easy it is to enroll in the plan, dialing their 800 number and transferring the prescription to a mail “service” pharmacy. The letter goes on to tout all the wonderful benefits of the mail order outfit, and lost in the midst of all this wonderful information is the sentence saying you can “disenroll” from the plan and stay right here at Oswald’s for your prescriptions if that is what you prefer.

    This is not an unusual circumstance for many prescription plans out there. If you receive a letter similar to one like this, read it carefully! If you have questions, bring it in and let us take a look at it. You usually will have the option to still fill it here at Oswald’s with the same price and great service you expect from us!

    Oh yeah, one last thing about that letter. Buried in the fine print on the back it says the mail order pharmacy is an “affiliate” of the insurance company itself. Imagine that.


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